Vellore Smart City Projects – Integrated Control Centres

vellore smart city project

Vellore Smart City Projects

Vellore Smart City Projects have seen a progress with new projects getting onto the pipeline. The Vellore city been chosen under ‘Smart City’ Project scheme of Central Government a couple of years back.Also a total of 1415 crores INR were allotted to the same. Also, it is one of the four cities that is under the Smart City at Tamil Nadu and secures 32nd position overall out of 100 smart cities in India.

The initial phase works for the vellore smart city projects were discussed earlier in our articles. You can read them in this link


The very initial project implementations begun with establishment of Smart Roads and Smart Parks across the city. Work for the same begun long back and is on progress.

To sum up, close to 100 projects were finalised and drafted for implementation. Also the budget for the same were mentioned for those projects.

Some of the projects that had been started are Solid Waste Management Compost Centres, Multi storey Bus Stand at New Bus Stand, Infrastructure development in New Bus Stand, Smart Park Near Palar River shore, Hydraulic Multi Storey car parking near CMC, Renovation of Vellore Fort. The works for the same have already reached implementation stage as the drafts for the same are finalised.

Apart from these, funds for establishment of Control Centre has also been allotted now. This will be an integrated Control Centre for helplines such as Fire Service, Medical Emergency assistance, Ambulance services, Police assistance, Traffic Control and more. All the above services can be availed by the public with a common helpline number. Apart from these, CCTV footages, Traffic congestion, air quality monitor and more devices will be installed in main parts of the city. Those devices will be controlled from this integrated control centre.

This service was proposed to ensure safety measure of the residents of the Vellore city.

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