Vellore Smart City Projects at its initial phase

vellore smart city project

Vellore Smart City Projects are its initial phase where a couple of projects were finalized for implementation. Smart Roads, Smart Parks are two major ones which were chosen in the initial phase of Smart City Projects. Proposal for the same are under works which will be released publicly by the Vellore Corporation very soon.

Vellore has been chosen as one among the 60 smart cities for development. Also it is one among the four cities to be chosen in Tamil Nadu. After Vellore had made it to the smart city list, smart city work research was undertaken by a private analytics company. They gathered feedback from the public on what they expect in Vellore. After gathering feedback from the public, a meeting was held regarding the same. Few ideas were shortlisted after brainstorming the meeting session and was proposed to the Govt under smart city implementation.

Also Central Govt had announced that it will be allocating a fund of 500 crore INR for each of these cities for development. As a result, Vellore had received an initial funding of 120 crore INR for its initial vellore smart city projects.

Smart City Projects:

Smart Roads were proposed in the initial phase where a total of 32 km Smart Roads will be laid in different parts of Vellore City. This includes roads from CMC to Collectorate, Thirupathi Devasthanam Board to Thorapadi, Green Circle to Old Bypass road, Backside of Vellore Fort Road and few other roads. These roads are set to get proper roads along with pedestrian pavement. Also EB lines around these roads are set to be relocated to underground.

In addition, Smart Parks were proposed in the initial phase of the smart city project for Vellore. A total of 15 new smart parks are set to be established in different places of Vellore.

A panel consisting of 5 members from Hyderabad were evaluating these projects regarding the feasibility and implementation of the same. Vellore Corporation will make an official announcement soon regarding these projects.

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