Solution to century old Vellore’s problem

Solid Waste Management

Vellore’s century old problem of dealing with waste management has finally reached a complete solution. Vellore’s district collector Mr.Raman said in a recent press release that the waste being collected from all the 60 wards of Vellore Corporation has been dumped at Sadhuperi for more than 100 years which is now being handled in various compost centres all over Vellore.

Since the upgradation of Vellore Municipality into Vellore Corporation in the year 2008, Vellore Corporation has been dumping over 200 tones of garbage at Sadhuperi. Late in 2015, people at Sadhuperi started protesting against dumping at Sadhuperi. After this incident waste management centres were setup at different places all over Vellore.

Solid Waste Management Centres:

Initially they started with 3 compost centres which dealt with 10 tonnes of garbage. Slowly they expanded it up to 35 compost centre all over the city that handles 165 tonnes of waste. In addition, they have plans to set up 20 more compost centres All over Vellore. This will help in handling the total garbage of the entire city.

They are expecting this to be setup before the end of this month. This will handle century old waste management problem of Vellore Corporation.

These compost centres will segregate biodegradable waste and non-biodegradable wastes and recycle them accordingly. In addition, he urged the people to segregate the garbage in their premises and extend the cooperation.

Update: 40+ Micro Compost Centres (MCCs) are operational at Vellore currently until the end of 2018.

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  1. in sathuvachari please come and watch at 7.30 am to 11 am ,the municipality ladies burning all the rubbish along with plastics every 10 feet distance even near asst collector ‘s bungalow…inspite of kind request they are doing.. bringing health hazards to the public,inducing lung diseases…even I lost my husband died of lung cancer who was a strict non smoker and non alcoholic ..please make vellore a real GREEN CITY..VANAKAM

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