Vellore Kirubananda Variyar 113th Birthday

Vellore Kirubanandha Variyar

Vellore Kirubananda Variyar

Vellore Kirubananda Variyar – Kirupananda Variyar was born on August 25, 1906 at Kangeyanallur, Vellore. This region is regarded as Thondai Nadu in the ancient Sangam literature.

Kirubananda Variyar is also commonly called as Variyar Swamigal. Kirubananda Variyar was born as fourth child to Thiru Mallaya Dasa Bhagavathar and Madhu Shri Kanagavalli Ammaiyar.

Right from his childhood, Variyar was very intellectual and obtained knowledge and wisdom from his father. He learnt to play Veena and write poems at the age of 8. He knew 10,000 songs by the age of 12 which he never forgot until his death (age 87).

Variyar’s deeds:

Variyar has been a Shiva bhakth and had also been regarded as 64th Nayanmaar for his divine service of spreading spiritual discourses. He has been so fond of Lord Muruga (regarded as Tamizh Kadavul), son of Lord Shiva. He has wrote poems for Lord Muruga and has also sung songs for the same.

Variyar has paid off the debts of his father who took loans to build a Murugar temple on the banks of Palar river at Kangeyanallur. That Murugar temple still stands famous as Kangeyanallur Murugar temple.

He has written over 200 books on various spiritual topics and it was Variyar who made Saint Arunagirinathar’s ‘Thirupugazh’ to be famous all over the world. Also, he has even written dialogues for the movies which are famous back then. An excellent orator when it comes to spiritual discourses and he has also been to many places around the world.

He was even regarded as “Pon Mana Chemmal” by late CM M.G.R. Even Periyar (atheist) had supported Variyar for his noble services. It was Variyar who had suggested people to use mother’s initials in their names as having initial of father is a norm.

He has raised funds and setup Ramakrishna home in Thiruparaithurai which is now a home for refuge for children.  He has established primary, middle and high school at his birth place Kangeyanallur. With his personal funds, he has established ‘Variyar Public service fund trust’ to help the needy.

Variyar has been so supportive for many causes and he could be seen as the brand icon in Hotel Saravana Bhavan where one can see his miniatures, photos and his story.

Variyar’s Manimandapam;

Variyar has left the world at his age 87 and his deeds still speak for him. A Manimandapam for Variyar has been established opposite to the Kangeyanallur Murugar temple which is a famous one at Vellore.

Every year his birthday has celebrated at various places to remember his noble services. Lions Club of Vellore Fort City celebrates his birth anniversary every year and today they have celebrated his birth anniversary with their club members and donated free food to the needy.

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