Vellore Sathish Sivalingam wins Gold at CWG2018

vellore sathish sivalingam

Vellore Sathish Sivalingam does it again at Common Wealth Games 2018. He has won Gold in Men’s 77kg weightlifting competition at Common Wealth Games 2018.

Common Wealth Games 2018 has kickstarted recently. India started its first gold medal in Women’s Weightlifting. Followed by that the second gold medal came in the Weightlifting too.

Vellore Sathish Sivalingam:

Sathish Sivalingam scored the third gold medal for India today in the 77kg weightlifting competition. He has lifted 317kg in total which comprises of 144kg in Snatch and 173kg in Clean-and-jerk.

Reportedly, he has already secured the gold medal in 2014 Common Wealth Games at Glasgow.

He hails from Sathuvachari, Vellore and his father, an ex-service men is reportedly a weightlifter too. His father has inspired and encouraged him to practise the sport from his age 15. He has been practising since then and completed his arts degree. He has joined railways and had been practising the sport in parallel and has won many state and national level competitions.

After his gold medal at CWG 2014, late CM has built the first weightlifting gym of Tamil Nadu at Vellore.

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