Vellore Bandh on Cauvery Issue

vellore bandh

Vellore Bandh has been observed in a peaceful way to support the cause of forming Cauvery Management Board.

Cauvery Management Board has been ordered to be formed by the Supreme court last month. But the Central Government has been postponing it due to the Karnataka State elections. To give pressure to the Central Government, State Government went on a hunger strike a couple of days back. But that dint turn out to be effective.

Following that, the opposition party DMK had called for an all party meet to organise a state level bandh on April 5, 2018. Several parties have agreed to it to patronage the cause. Tamil Nadu Vanigar Sangam have also expressed their full co-operation for the cause.

State level bandh was observed today peacefully all over the state.

Vellore Bandh:

Vellore people have extended their full support to the Bandh. Almost most of the shops in Officers lane, Long Bazaar, Katpadi road, RTO road and more places were seen deserted. Buses were held back at the Vellore Bus Stand. Even Share autos were extending their support for the cause. Most of the restaurants including the road side shops were closed and seen empty. There were hardly any vehicles moving. Sarathi Mansion shops already expressed their support by closing the shops since yesterday.

Close to 2000 people belonging to various parties were arrested all over the Vellore district who protested for the cause. Also a lady single handedly trying to stop a bus at Ambur was trending over the internet. Lets hope that the Bandh turns effective and reach a positive result.

Pic Credits – The Hindu

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