Vellore Old Palar Bridge under Renovation

vellore old palar bridge

Vellore Old Palar Bridge or Polur Subramaniam Bridge which connects Vellore to Katpadi will be temporarily closed. The Bridge will have renovation between April 18 to May 31 and alternate arrangements are also made for it.

Vellore Old Palar Bridge:

Vellore Old Palar bridge lies near Chelliyamman Temple. It connects Vellore Green Circle and Virunthampet. Also this was the only major route to connect Vellore and Katpadi until new bridge was built in 2009. Due to the increased traffic at this route, the old bridge was used as a one way for the vehicles to travel between Katpadi to Vellore. Whereas, the new bridge was used for the route to travel from Vellore to Katpadi.

Old Palar Bridge Renovation:

Due to the recent water flow in the Palar river last year, the basement of the bridge has got damaged. So they’re planning to close the bridge temporarily between April 18 to May 31 and renovate the bridge. The renovation cost is estimated to 4.5 crore INR. Since schools have already closed for vacation, the traffic around this area would be less. So they are planning to complete the renovation work before the school re-opens.

Alternate Route:

The new bridge which is parallel to the old bridge is the alternate suggested route temporarily. So commuters driving in two wheelers and four wheelers can use that way to commute in this route. Heavy vehicles aren’t allowed to use the new bridge. Heavy vehicles can either use the Thiruvalam route or Gudiyatham route to reach Vellore. Even after prohibiting heavy vehicles in this route, this will still be a most busy traffic route as the traffic around the Green circle area has vastly increased in the recent years.

Let’s hope that the renovation gets back within the estimated time and hits normalcy soon.

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