PVR Cinemas to launch soon in Vellore

pvr cinemas

PVR Cinemas is finally spotted in the new multiplex that is being built in Silk mill, Katpadi. The sign board has been kept in the building that is under construction.

Last week, Velloreans were thrilled and excited to spot a multiplex with the PVR Cinemas board circulating over the internet. While few were thrilled, few couldn’t believe and thought it to be a hoax spread by some netizens. But yes we confirmed it and it sounds to be true that PVR Cinemas is making it to Vellore.

PVR Cinemas:

Though PVR Cinemas declined to share any information officially at the moment, we tried gathering few information and they are:

  1. PVR will be occupying the entire first floor of the multiplex.
  2. 5 screens are planned totally.
  3. With 5 screens, it will be the largest multiplex in Vellore District.
  4. Ground floor is planned for food court and few other branded shops.
  5. The entire area of the multiplex would be close to 50,000 square feet.

We expect much more information very soon as we see the progress of the construction work to get over in a couple of months. But it might take a bit more time to get to the finished state as we anticipate a lot of interior works to get the mall feel.

Apart from this, Vellore is also geared up to welcome ITC Fortune near Auxillium circle and the works for the same are almost completed and we are yet to receive the official information on the same.

Here is the latest information about the Velocity mall where PVR is coming up. Click here for more info on it.

Update: PVR Cinemas Vellore is opened on 07/06/2018. Click here to read more info about it.

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