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Vellore Forum:

Vellore Forum / Discussions – Very 1st platform for discussions related to topics, developments, future projects, employment opportunities, environment, problems and much more related to Vellore. Also you can share your thoughts / ideas and ask questions about Vellore.

Steps to get access:

  1. Send us an email to [email protected] with the Subject ‘Namma Vellore – Subscriber’ with your Name and Email address.
  2. Once we receive the e-mail, we will grant access to you with your username and password.
  3. You can click on the login button in the forum and use the credentials to login to the site.

P.S: Since its a public forum, we want to give access only to REAL people and curb fake profiles under fake e-mail addresses since the beginning.


  1. Ensure to have healthy discussion around the problem statement.
  2. Have queries in the respective topic related to it than posting relevant queries under irrelevant topics.
  3. Use of offensive words / language will result in being terminated from the forum.
  4. You can ask questions about Vellore and also for recommendations.
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