Tandora – Vellore’s 1st B2B Startup

Tandora - Vellore's 1st B2B Startup

Tandora – Vellore’s 1st B2B Startup

Tandora is Vellore’s 1st B2B Startup. Not just that, but also India’s 1st of its kind change log product.

It helps businesses to post change log about their business to their customers.

Tandora is built as a part of the Hackathon by the initiative of Lions Club of Vellore Fort City (www.vellorefortcity.com); to build sustainable tech products that simplifies the life of humans and also to build products locally within India.

What is Tandora?

Tandora is a tamizh word referring to a drum type musical instrument used in rural parts of India particularly in Tamil Nadu to announce important news to the people in that area.  Whenever people hear Tandora sound, they rush out to streets to hear what news is announced. Usually the area chieftain uses this method for sharing news within the community. Gradually this method of news sharing was called as Tandora due to the musical instrument used.

With this backstory, we want to be a platform where business can easily Tandora about happenings in their business to their customers.

Who can use Tandora?

Tandora is a SaaS app, which will be the first of its kind app built out of India; helps you to post product updates, change log, notifications, alerts and much more to your customers. With the simple sleek UI, labels, customisations and a personalised Tandora page; you will be able to create categories and post updates under each category and embed them into your website.

Most suitable for Businesses, Small and Medium Enterprises, small startups. Use cases range from updates and change logs from product companies; deals and offers from e-commerce platforms; updates from blogs; announcements from websites and much more.

If you’re a business offering regular updates, regular offers, regular deals, then Tandora is for you.

How easy is it to use Tandora?

Tandora can be used even by a layman who doesn’t know about coding.

You can signup for Tandora using the signup form available at tandora.co

After signing up the trial, you can login to the account; and make the purchase in INR using your credit/debit card/net banking.

Once your account gets activated, you can create Categories where under each category you can post different announcements and publish them.

For E.g. If you’re a restaurant who wants to post offers, you can create a Category named Offers, and post offers about the offers that you’ll be giving and publish it.

After publishing, your Tandora public page will immediately reflect the offers that you have added to it.

You can share the public Tandora page in social media with your customers, so that they keep a track of the updates you make to know more about the happenings in your business.

Tandora Price – Rs.5999 (40% offer) with a limited time Black Friday deal currently.

If you’ve any queries related to Tandora, please write to [email protected]


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