Lions Club of Vellore Fort City partners with Namma Vellore

Lions Club of Vellore Fort City

Lions Club of Vellore Fort City:

Lions Club of Vellore Fort City on the 9th Office Bearers Installation Day Function partners with Namma Vellore.

Therefore the website of L/c of Vellore Fort City is under maintenance of Namma Vellore.

Also it would be the first ever unified website for a lions club in the Vellore district.

Namma Vellore:

Namma Vellore – Vellore’s 1st unified website was launched by Dr.G.Viswanathan, Chancellor of VIT Universities earlier this year. It has been growing organically and also serves with a motto to be one stop solution for all searches related to Vellore. It was also looking to partner and enhance the services to the next level.

Vellore Fort City:

Lions Club International (LCI) is an international non profit organisation. It has been serving the needy with the motto “We Serve”.

LCI is spread across the globe with 46,000+ clubs having 1.4 million Lion members.

Lions Club of Vellore Fort City – Year of Inauguration – 2010.

It has served a lot of people in the locality in terms of service activities like hunger relief programs, medical assistance, blood camps, health checkup camps, motivational classes for students and few other.

Also L/c Vellore Fort City did a massive fund raising during the Chennai floods and has provided essentials to the people worth more than 5 lakhs.

Vellore Fort City Website Launch:

As L/c Vellore Fort City host their 9th Office Bearers Installation Function, they have partnered with Namma Vellore to develop and host the website.

Namma Vellore has developed and hosted the website for Lions Club of Vellore Fort City under the domain

The website was launched by PMJF.Lion.Saji David, Past Multiple Council Chairperson of 324 on July 12, 2018.

Also other Chief guests of the function are

PMJF.Lion.Udaya Shankar, Past Multiple Council Treasurer.

MJF.Lion.Aravind Kumar, Past District Governor.

MJF.Lion.Er.Haridass, Past District Governor.

Also Namma Vellore will be doing social service activities via Lions Club of Vellore Fort City to make impact in the lives of the people at Vellore.

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