Shatabdi Express to halt at Katpadi Junction

Katpadi railway station

Vellore Katpadi Junction is one of the busiest Railway Junctions across Tamil Nadu. Any train that passes through Katpadi will halt for a couple of minutes except a couple of Shatabdi Express Trains. Now that situation is going to change with this announcement from the Southern Railways. Shatabdi Express from Chennai to Coimbatore will now halt at Vellore Katpadi Junction on an experiment basis.

Shatabdi Express Trains are expensive and luxurious super fast trains that reaches the destination with minimal stopping. Chennai to Coimbatore Shatabdi Express is one such which stops at Jolarpet, Salem, Erode and Tiruppur. With this announcement coming from Souther Railways, it will have five halts now including Katpadi Junction.

This experiment has been flagged off by MP Thambidhurai, who also travelled in the train. Southern Railways has brought this initiative hoping that it will benefit the passengers of Vellore Corporation, especially the business class people who travel between Vellore and Chennai frequently. Also a large number of students and parents travel to Vellore Institute of Technology every year. So this move will be of great help to such passengers.

They have also announced that this initiative is currently on an experimental basis for 6 months from now and depending upon the support from passengers they will make a decision regarding the same.

Katpadi Junction gets another:

Earlier few days back Katpadi Junction has been visited by Southern Railways Chennai branch officials who inspected the renovation works that are going on. A whooping amount of close to 20 crores were allotted for the renovation and improvement works.

Let’s hope this initiative benefits more passengers of our city.

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