Vellore to get 2 Airports


Vellore is expected to get two Airports before the end of this year. UDAN has earlier announced that Vellore is set to receive its airport connectivity under phase 2 of regional connectivity scheme. Initial proposal was to build connectivity between Vellore – Chennai and Vellore – Bangalore.

Turbo Aviation has won the bid and will be offering 70-80 seater planes which will be functioning soon whose works has already been started.

The proposed airport will be based out of Abdullapuram which already has a helipad and a run way for small airplanes. Since Abdullapuram has enough land already, the works for the airport completion is expected to be completed within 3 months.

2nd Airport:

Also, VIT Chancellor Dr.G.Viswanathan made a public announcement on 23rd VITAA function regarding an airport at VIT University. He stated that VIT has been in talks with a private air body to provide small airplanes for domestic connectivity. He expects it to get approved very soon.

Note worthily, VIT already has a helipad in its campus and has enough space for run way and the same is said to be used for the airport establishment.

Let’s hope for these to turn into a reality very soon!


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