Vellore district 12th results – 2019

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Vellore district 12th results 2019 is collected and shown below:

Tamil Nadu HSC Board Exam results for the grade 12 (commonly referred as +2 results) were out today. The overall results had a total pass percentage of 91.3%. Notably 0.2% more than the previous year.

Results are available at

Let’s check some of the interesting general facts of this year’s results:

Total number of school students appeared – 8,69,423

Overall Pass percentage of boys – 88.57% (Previous year 87.7%)

Overall Pass percentage of girls – 93.64% (Previous year 94.1%)

Vellore District 12th Results 2018:

Number of Schools ~ 350+

Number of Exam Centres ~ 150+

Total number of students appeared – 40,714 (Previous year – 41, 461)

Total number of students passed ~ 34,200 (Previous year ~ 35,812)

Vellore District +2 Results Pass Percentage – 85.47 (Previous year – 87.06%)

As per Government rules, Schools don’t showcase top marks in advertisements and so there were no state or district wise toppers lists since last year.

Notably, in 2017 Vellore’s pass percentage was 84.99% which increased to 87.06% in 2018. But again it has dropped by 1.6% this year)

By this, Vellore educational district stands at the bottom of the table in the 34 educational districts all over Tamil Nadu.

Notably Vellore has good educational institutions and facilities available, Vellore needs to be up to par with other districts in the race. We have world class architecture, medical facilities and colleges available but still fall short behind in the higher education segment.

The main reason for falling short behind in the list seems to be the reason that Vellore educational district is so wide that extends upto Thirupatthur. For a long while, there were petitions submitted to divide Vellore education district into three, so that the overall pass percentage can be evaluated better. That would help in concentrating more on the weaker zone and improve the educational facilities.

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