Ola Vellore – Book Cabs, Autos in Vellore

Ola Vellore

Ola Vellore – Books Cabs, Autos in Vellore

Ola Vellore – Online Booking of Cabs, Autos in Vellore. The giant automobile rental service Ola has leaped its foot into the smart city Vellore now. Through Ola one can book cabs, autos to a short as well as long distance using their mobile app.

How to Install OLA APP:

  1. Go to Playstore/AppStore in your Mobile.
  2. Search for ‘Ola Cabs’ and install the app.
  3. Signup with your mobile number that you actively use on that mobile.
  4. Use the Referral code : YHXD66 while signing up for first time. Using Referral Code will get you offer on your first ride.
  5. After signing up, you’ll get verification code which you need to confirm.
  6. After that you need to Turn ON Location option and choose your Pickup and Drop locations.
  7. Soon after choosing your drop location, you’ll be shown the nearby autos and cabs and their tariff prices.
  8. Choose Book Now after which one of the nearby auto/cab will reach your location.
  9. You’ll also be shown an OTP which you need to tell to the auto/cab driver for them to confirm your booking after which you’ll be taken and dropped in the destination.
  10. You can pay Online via wallets/netbanking or choose to Pay via cash on delivery.
  11. You can enjoy free OLA Wifi during the travel in the auto/cab.

Ola Vellore:

Ola has launched its service a couple of days back in Vellore. It is one of the unicorn startups in India with its valuation to be over 1 billion dollars (1bn$) ~7300 crores. Noteworthy, Swiggy has made its entry into the smart city a month back and has been operating on a full fledge now from the middle of the city.

Reportedly Ola’s entry was opposed by the local cab and auto drivers. Most of the Ola banners around the city were seen to be torn. Many of the cab drivers/auto drivers refused to partner with the cab aggregator. Unlike Uber, Ola doesn’t have peak charges or revised rates after the fuel hike which angered the cab drivers in other cities as they couldn’t operate with it.

Ola at one end is extending its service to other countries; Whereas at other end its losing its operating services in few places in India. Reportedly, due to the strike by cab drivers at Mumbai, many cab drivers has left Ola and joined Merucabs which was more flexible for cab drivers and operate without losses.

For a smart city like Vellore, cab aggregator is definitely required, but would Ola fit into the needs of everyone including cab drivers/auto drivers is the question of the hour.

Update: Thou Ola has launched its service in Vellore, auto and cab unions at Vellore have refused to partner with them. So you might hardly find any auto/cab in the Ola app at Vellore. News updated as of 07/11/2018.

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