Vellore FM Radios – Broadcast Begins

Vellore FM radios

Vellore FM Radios – Hello FM Broadcast begins from today July 1, 2018 while Suriyan FM broadcast begins from July 5, 2018. After a test run for the past few days, the main broadcast begins from Today.

FM Stations:

FM Stations at Vellore – something that residents of Vellore expected over a long time. Since Vellore became a Corporation a decade back, FM Stations were of huge expectation.

VIT Community Radio 90.8FM, the pioneer one in Vellore made it to the list in the year 2014. Since 90.8FM is a Community Radio, it had no commercials and dealt over a short range of 15km. It is broadcasted over different languages where shows are being hosted by VIT Students.

Commercial FMs at Vellore:

By the end of last year, there were hiring going on for RJs and Video Producers for Suryan FM and Hello FM at Vellore. Also Suryan FM partnered with few events at Vellore to show their presence at Vellore. And finally Vellore FM Radios made it today and started their broadcast services.

Hello FM:

Hello FM had their test run last week and they are operational at 91.5 FM from July 1, 2018.

Suryan FM:

Suryan FM is operational from second week of July, 2018.



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