Solid Waste Management Plan for Vellore

Solid Waste Management

Though Vellore has attained its Corporation status in the year 2008, solid waste management was a major problem it has been facing. Vellore receives close to 200 tonnes of waste everyday from the 60 wards at Vellore Corporation. Earlier the waste were being dumped at Sadhuperi. After the protest from Sadhuperi residents, they started setting up compost centres all over Vellore and started handling waste management effectively.

In a recent press release, Vellore Collector Mr.Raman has said that more new compost centres will be introduced all over the city to manage the waste all over the city.

Solid Waste Management:

Following these, Vellore Corporation Officials have now confirmed that they are planning to install compost centres all over the city. These centres will isolate Bio-degradable and non bio-degradable wastes and recycle them accordingly. These Solid Waste management centres will have isolation and pyrolysis methods. Pyrolysis process would heat the solid waste to a high temperature until it turns into liquid. These liquids can be used as fuel to run motors and generators.

The total estimated cost of implementing this plan is expected to be 20 crores INR. They are already in the process of buying these machineries to tackle the increasing waste management problems in the city.

New Compost Centre at Oteri:

Also a compost centre was opened at Oteri, Vellore recently as a part of the above Solid Waste Management plans. Vellore Corporation Commissioner has inaugurated the same. The total estimated cost of this centre is 50 lakhs INR. This compost centre has the capacity to handle 5 tonnes of waste which will be collected from the areas nearer to Oteri, Vellore.

People of Vellore are also requested to extend their cooperation in segregating the wastes at their premises. By doing that, it would be easier for the workers to handle the waste at the compost centres. Currently 500 Corporation workers are involved in collecting the waste all over the city.

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