Vellore Smart City ranks 32nd – Smart City rankings 2018

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Vellore Smart City ranks 32nd in the smart city rankings for the year 2018. Vellore also secures 2nd spot in the smart cities under Tamil Nadu pushing Chennai to the 4th Spot.

Smart Cities:

Smart Cities are developing cities identified by the Government to give patronage in terms of development. The developments are in the lines of City Infra Development, Health care, Education and more. And Vellore is one of the smart cities under the list. In addition, there were close to 100 smart cities making it to the list.

Vellore Smart City:

Vellore got its smart city status in the second phase of smart city implementation. Also Vellore is one among the four smart cities in Tamil Nadu. Initial feedback sessions with vellore residents were of great help to prioritise the smart city projects.

Smart Roads and Smart Parks were the two projects in the initial phase. An initial fund of 120 crores were allotted for the same to be carried out.

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Vellore ranks 32nd in the Smart City Rankings 2018:

Vellore ranks 32nd out of 98 in the recent smart city rankings of 2018. Also it ranks 2nd in Tamil Nadu pushing Chennai to the last spot while Kovai leads the list.

Though the officials weren’t clear on how the ranking works, Vellore made it big in the list.

Vellore residents anticipate more smart city projects in Vellore apart from smart roads and smart parks.

If you’ve any ideas for smart city projects, please feel free to share it in the below comment section.

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  1. Why don’t they concentrate on waste management of spicot and Ambur leather tanerys. Also water management.. currently palars river bed deals with it.. but can’t depend for long term.. smart is not technology, it’s being vigilant and saving resources.

    1. Exactly our thoughts too. We felt the same. We hope to raise these concerns if the smart city project committee of Vellore organizes a feedback session again as we need to preserve our resources before going for the development projects.

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