Vellore Katpadi Railway Station To Upgrade

Katpadi railway station

Katpadi Railway Station:

Vellore Katpadi Railway Station is one of the busiest and major railway stations in Tamil Nadu. On an average, it serves close to 18,000 passengers on an everyday basis. It has got 11 originating trains and also 67 passing trains. Major commuters to Katpadi Railway station are people who travel to Vellore Golden Temple, CMC Hospital and VIT University. Katpadi Railway Station is Katpadi Junction with the railway code ‘KPD‘.

Recent Facilities:

Recently, the entrance hall of the Katpadi Railway Station was renovated at a cost of 15 lakhs INR. Also, they have established a lift and escalator at a cost of 98 lakhs INR. Also LED lights and energy-efficient fans were provided at a rate of 6.30 lakhs INR. In addition, 42 CCTV cameras have been installed at various parts of the station.

Upgrade Works:

Recent inspection from General Manager of Southern Railway Chennai Division has assured more facilities to the station apart from the above mentioned ones.

  • A Subway inside the VIT University connecting VIT Men’s Hostel to the University.
    Estimation cost – 9.50 Crores INR.
  • Multilevel two-wheeler parking to house more two-wheeler
    Estimation Cost – 2.50 Crores INR.
  • Additional Waiting halls for the Passengers
    Estimation Cost – 28 lakhs INR.
  • Extension of the A/C Waiting hall for the Passengers
    Estimation Cost – 22 lakhs INR.

In addition to these, few more facilities planned for the staffs includes,

  • Development of Railway station colony along with garden.
    Estimation Cost – 36 lakh INR.
  • New rest room for track maintaining staffs.
    Estimation Cost – 27 lakh INR.
  • Pay and Use toilets improvisation.
    Estimation Cost – 2.5 lakhs INR.

In addition to these, Walaja Station which has a daily commuters of close to 4000 passengers will receive platform development at a cost of 18.5 lakhs INR. Along with that the waiting hall and booking office will be renovated at a cost of 2.8 lakhs INR.

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